Orgweb24 is adapted to many industries, and adding more to the list every day. We are making solutions for the oil industry, healt care, insurance, requitement industry and more. Orgweb can be used by small or big business and adapted to every need, small or big.



The lack of qualified health personnel, the increase in chronic diseases and the new interaction reform makes great demands for change in the Norwegian health care system.

More aggressive use of IT is crucial to improve efficiency and focus on patients. Patients should be more included as a contributing resource in the processes of their own health. Orgweb supports this process, and provides solutions in administrative systems and management of mobile workers. We want to contribute to solutions that make life easier for patients, health professionals and anyone involved in the process of making the lives of sick and elderly better!



The insurance industry is concerned with profitability and capital. Customers orientation and ability to change to meet the increasing consumer trend and new regulatory requirements, are also important. IT is important to support these challenges and Solvency II places new demands on IT systems and there is a great need for modernization.



The recruitment industry has a vital role to play to ensure flexibility in the labor market.

Orgweb helps staffing agencies with administrating their pool of workers and makes it easy to run a profitable recruitment agency.



To stay competitive, the service industry needs to increase productivity by improving their business processes. Today, IT plays an increasingly important role in streamlining and improvement of processes, procedures and increasing the delivery capability and accuracy.

Orgwebs solutions support processes in the industry, and we have more than 10 years experience in the facility industry.


Oil and gas

The oil and gas industry are facing major challenges and opportunities in the future. A growing global energy demand and growth in the activities on the Norwegian shelf shows a positive development, but it is also a high cost and lack of technical personnel in the industry, which makes great demands for safe operation and efficiency.

To meet future industry must implement and comply with seamless collaboration and communication both within the organization and across the value chain.