No installation is required which enables users to access the system and perform required operations from anywhere in the wolrd at any time. You also save money not being dependent on expensive installation and consulting costs.

Trough your webpage an applicant can easily enter their digital CV. They can upload documents, course certificate, job certificate and pictures.When you are looking for new employees you can filter the applicants based on age, gender, zip code, industry, education and much more, what fits your needs. When a suitable candidate is selected you can contact them trough Orgwebs communication system. Orgweb is synchronized with Outlook and has a built in mail and SMS system of it’s own. You can choose to contact one applicant, or more, and choose the preferable communication method. There is an information board when you first log in, where you can post available job positions and let the applicants contact you.

The applicants gets and account in Orgweb with a username and password. They can log in and update their information at any time.